Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tell me what you know...

My newest favorite musician is a woman named Sara Groves, who has actually been putting out CDs for many years. I discovered her, thanks to the Relevant Podcast, and have fallen in love with the way she interprets the world.

If you think about it, we are all doing this, every single day - in every action we do, we are interpreting the world around us. Some are able to do it through music, some through art, some with words... It is an absolutely essential part of our human nature. Every day we are figuring out how and why we exist in the world, and what our relationship is to the world. How do you interpret it?

With her music, Sara Groves makes beautiful connections to our humanity and God's nature. She tells stories and celebrates people. Music moves me, and some days I wish I had the gift of songwriting. But for now, I will have to simply enjoy the work of others. This is the chorus from my current favorite Sara Groves song, off the CD of the same name (Tell Me What You Know).

Tell me what you know
About God and the world and the human soul
How so much can go wrong
And still there are songs...

I thank the Lord in Heaven that I will always have a song to sing. I praise Him because we will always have songs to sing, despite the presence of so much pain and evil in the world. Through the darkness and desperation, there is hope. People are good. God is just. The world is beautiful. And I will keep on singing.

Tell me what you know...

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Jim Baker said...

Wonderful insight and interpretation of Sara's music! Sara Groves has been a blessing to my family and I know so many other people as well. It's amazing how God uses mortals to execute His heavenly plans!

In your reference to Sara's song, I think you meant that this is the chorus from your favorite current song "In The Girl There's A Room" off Sara's new CD "Tell Me What You Know". That is one of my favorites too.

Sara definitely has a gift of songwriting! Even if you don't think you have a gift of songwriting, you do have a gift of interpreting and promoting other songwriters like Sara. Glorifying God by spreading His musical message is an important role too.

If you are interested in talking about Sara’s music and her projects with other friends and fans of hers then go over to the Sara Groves Yahoo Group at http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/saragroves/ and Join the Group. It’s been a quiet group so far, but hopefully that is changing as more people with thoughts like yours join up.

God bless your faith!