Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You've Got Something To Say

My roommate bought the new Matthew West CD. He's a pretty cool dude, and has a great way with words. His latest project is called Something to Say, and this is an idea that I love. I do believe we've all got something to say, because, as Matthew says in the song, "God is love and love speaks through you." I've been watching and discussing Rob Bell's Nooma videos a lot, in my Bible study and campus ministry stuff, and last night we watched the Rhythm video, where Rob talks about God through the metaphor of song. We play a song with our lives, and the question is whether or not we are in tune with God's song. Like Matthew also says, "No one can say it quite like you do."

I've done talks and discussions before on this theme, and it brings to mind another Nooma I watched at Bible study last week. God has created us good, and though we have been corrupted by the Fall and have sinful human natures, I believe we are also inherently good. We believe in the power of Jesus, and he believes in us! Think about who he used to accomplish his work in the first century -- the disciples, the B-team benchwarmers. They changed the world! (From "Dust".)

Here are the lyrics to that song. Enjoy! ~'til next time...

But the whole wide world is waiting for you to step out that door
Come on and let your life be heard today
You've got something to say
If you're living
If you're breathing
You've got something to say
You know if your heart is beating
You've got something to say
And no one can say it like you do
God is love and love speaks through you
You got it, you got it
You've got something to say
Listen up I've got a question here
Would anybody miss you if you disappeared?
Your life is the song that you sing
And the whole wide world is listening
Well the answer to the question is you were created
Your life is a gift
And the lights are shining on you today
You've got something to say


janet said...

have you seen the movie august rush? i just watched it recently, and i loved how the music was the focus of the movie. you know how some movies are epic in the way that they are just beautiful to watch? well, this movie is epic in the way that it sounds. your post made me think of that. the plot is a little thin, but the music makes up for it. hope you're doing well!

J. M. Richards said...

Oh, that's funny. I was going to mention August Rush, too! I really liked that movie.

I'm downloading the song as week speak, because it sounds like something I'd like.

I haven't' seen all the nooma vids, but what I've seen I've liked. It's interesting to me, though, how many people I know who don't care much for Rob Bell. Also, interesting that you say you think we're inherently good, because I know people who would be uncomfortable with that idea. Some of them were in the bowling alley yesterday!

We'll have to remember to chat about that next week.