Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plant Seeds and Sing Songs

My family has always grown things. Every spring, my dad and grandpa would start tilling a huge garden plot for vegetables, and my mom and grandma would start pulling out flower bulbs they had stored or take a trip to the nursery to buy more plants. Spring is the time for growing things! And this spring, I decided to carry on my family's tradition!

I may have gone a little overboard, though... I planted a total of 18 pots of herbs, flowers, and vegetables! After I spent all the time planting them, though, I started worrying that I none of them would grow! I've never really done much gardening on my own before, so I decided that if at least half of the things grew I would be happy. But so far things are coming along great!!! I have sprouts in my dill, chives, 3 of 4 daisy jars, 2 pots of cosmos, thyme, morning glory, cilantro, and 2 baskets of cherry tomatoes. (I was especially excited about the tomatoes because my mom told me that it was really hard to grow tomatoes from seed.) I'm still waiting to see sprouts from 2 varieties of basil, rosemary, and my green pepper pants. The roommate and I will (hopefully) be eating well this summer!

I had been watching them grow for a week or so, and I was SO excited when my first plants began to sprout! I feel such a sense of accomplishment!!! E joked that we were going to have our own little garden out on the balcony... Sounds good to me!!!

ALSO, my African Violet finally started to bloom! Apparently it's normal for African Violets to go through a long period where they don't get any blossoms, so I haven't really paid much attention to the poor little plant. (Plants without flowers or that you can't eat are boring!) But it's getting ready for a magnificent spring!

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