Monday, June 21, 2010

Would you like some tears with your coffee?

I’ve been kind of miserable lately. I love being in Indiana, near my parents, and in the Little Yellow House, but I’m pretty lonely. I’m working on it, though! I came up with a few things I think will help me feel better about myself and where my life is going.

This week I will:

not eat fast food

keep the house clean(ish)

make myself dinner (no frozen pizza!)

read some poetry

take a walk


research some future career options

Accomplishing all this might be tricky, because this week I’m helping out with my parents’ church VBS program. But that will be good for me too.

1 comment:

J. M. Richards said...

Add to your list:
Call Jess (or Lemon) when you need some company...

We should talk again soon!
Love & miss you!