Friday, June 20, 2008

About the Anti-Homemaker

What is a homemaker? You probably know at least one of these women, possibly you know several. Just think Martha Stewart.
Fifty or a hundred years ago, every woman you met would know how to do at least a minimum amount of crafty, homemaker tasks. But today, only the rare woman enjoys activities like sewing, baking, knitting, painting, cross-stitching, crocheting, embroidering... (One exception: scrapbooking.)
As a young woman who relishes her independence, I find great joy in being able to do anything that a man could do. (Riding a motorcycle, changing my oil, driving a stick shift, lifting heavy boxes.) But, much to my consternation, I also find great joy in the typical "female" arts like cooking and baking, sewing, gardening, painting, and crafting.
So, while I resist being labeled as a homemaker, a homemaker is what I am. I hope you enjoy my adventures as the Anti-Homemaker!

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