Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slowly Growing...

A long-overdue update of my neglected blog, about... my neglected garden.
After being inspired by my friend's pictures of her baby plants, I decided to go record the growth of my little plot.

It's had a bit of a rough start...  I started a kazillion seeds indoors in early May, but unfortunately didn't read my seed books close enough.  That part about hardening off seeds by setting them outside in the sun a few hours at a time until they can stand to be planted in full sun?  That's important.
Most of what I planted from seed has kicked the bucket, but a few things are hanging on.  You can see evidence of sun scorching on my tomato and pepper seedlings.

The spinach and lettuce I planted from seed straight into the ground, and it's doing quite well.

All the herbs were completely fried, though, so I went to the nursery and picked up some plants - basil, dill, parsley, and cilantro.  When I went to plant the cilantro, though, look what I found still hanging on strong:  if these little guys hang on through the summer, I will consider my garden a success!

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Hi! My name is Janet. said...

yay! that's so fun! I have a lot of help from the rents with the garden, and we didn't do any seedlings, but went straight to garden with a lot of them. Next spring my goal is to start seeds indoors... we'll see how that goes!