Monday, April 20, 2009

Other Things

Sorry about the long delay between postings!  Recently, my attention has been elsewhere in the blog world - I've got two new things for you to look at! 

The first is my crafty/homemaker blog.  It has existed for six months or so, but I am unfortunately very slow at posting things there.  But spring has brought new activities, including a garden!  Check out the first phases of the garden project 2009 here:

The next is a new blog that I started at the beginning of this month.  April is National Poetry Month, as I've told you before, and that has gotten me back on my poetry kick.  I like being able to use poetry in my writing and teaching, but I usually can't find the right poem that I need when I need it!  The new blog is called Poems I Love: The Poetry Index, and it's half to share great poems with other people, and half for me to be able to find the poems I want when I need them!  You can check out the first month's postings here:

Go visit, leave comments, add them to your Google Reader or RSS feeds.  And have a happy day!

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